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Mark and Traci Christensen
TLC Labradors
57088 - 832 Road
Stanton, Nebraska 68779

TLC Labradors  - Letters 
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Here are a few letters and photos from our customers who have purchased dogs from us.  We feel that they have a lot to say!  If you have purchased a TLC LABRADOR puppy, and would like to send us a photo or letter please do so, we love to receive them! 
December 3, 2001

Mark and Tracy,
I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how the puppy that we purchased from you in 1998 has turned into an excellent companion at home and in the fields/ sloughs.  He is a very sociable and enjoys being around people.  We are very satisfied with the puppy/ dog we selected.  I have received numerous complements about his looks and hunting abilities.  I have given your name to an acquaintance that I occasionally hunt with.  He is interested in getting a Labrador and has always been impressed with our dog, Gabe.  I see you now offer guided hunting expeditions.  I do get out to Nebraska occasionally to hunt.  I hope to stop by sometime and see your new facilities and dogs.
Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless your family.
Shawn Olsen




January 8, 2001

Thought I'd shoot an update to you.  Turk is coming along really well,  We will be ready for the test game this spring I think timing is great, age wise.  He weighed in at 50# today is thick and fluffy.

He is steady, 90%, we are working on doubles now, long go bird short memory bird, and he is doing about 80 yd "blinds" on the football field, haven't taken this into real field work yet.

Also, I was thinking of trying a field trial some time just for the experience.  What can you tell me about running in a trial.  I am assuming Derby is for the new dogs.  I don't know anything. I have to tell you I was nervous about shelling out $700  for a dog but am very pleased with the investment and wouldn't  trade him for the world. Together we are learning a lot and he catches on like wildfire.

Thanks for the great pup!

Ken Newcomb - Newman Grove, Nebraska

TLC Hit-M-Hard Hammerdown Turk
 AFC Morgans Gunstock Jet Pilot &  HR-Wonder Labs Ropin' the Wind


Dear Traci:

About for years ago my wife surprised me with a puppy (Max/Comet).  Just thought you would enjoy seeing how he turned out. Although we have not trialed him (time/new house/babies) we hunt ducks and geese on Maryland's eastern shore and pheasant/chucker when the seasons closed.

Thank you so much for bringing Ruddy into our lives. Ruddy

Greg & Jennifer Blanche



November 2001

Have a Pilot puppy visiting us this week and took pictures of Willow with  two of her Pilot puppies. Thought you might enjoy seeing them at 1 year.

Willow is on left, Flame in the center, and Chase on the right. Flame is a pheasant machine, he runs and quarters like a pointer and can go all day long. I have never seen a lab quarter with so much speed and style, and no cover is too thick for him. We shoot our limit almost every time out with him. Expect he will be running the Master this spring with him.

Allyn and Laurie Foster

Letter about a litter bred the Fosters,  sired by TLC's Pilot


TLC's Statesborro Blues, MH
 (by FC-AFC Riparian Roughrider & Madcaps Janey Baker)
Owned by Pete Sanfillpo
MH at 2 years of age.


Jan 10, 2001

I wanted to write you a short letter letting you know what a great puppy you sold us.  She (Hunter) is now 1 1/2 years old and I can't imagine our lives without her.  First of all, Hunter is very good with our daughter and all of her games she plays with Hunter.  Whether it be a game of tag with her friends, or the days when Hunter gets to play "Barbie" and gets dressed up in girls clothes.  Hunter is also a great jogging mate for my wife and I.  But most importantly, Hunter has become a great upland and waterfowl hunter for me.  I thoroughly enjoy the excitedness Hunter gets when she sees me get my hunting boots and shotgun out the night before leaving on a hunting trip.   But the best part is watching her do such a great job in the field,  or watching her retrieve ducks or geese.  One last thing, the last couple of times I have taken her out pheasant hunting she has started to point for me.  She is just overall great dog.  

Nate & Tonna Heinemann


January 9, 2001

This picture was taken at our spring hunt test.  Jessie was 17 months old and Buck was 19 months old.  Both dogs have their Hunting Retriever Champion titles and now we are working on our Master Hunter titles.  I'll probably run Buck in the Grand this spring.  I'm not sure about Jessie.  She's a little too wired with so much shooting and honoring at the line.  Buck is more laid back until you send him, then he is wide open (especially with birds).   I couldn't ask for a better pair of dogs.  Keep up the great work with your breeding program!

Mark Miles

HRCH TLC's Lean Mac's Goin Jessie
 HRCH at only 18 months of age (by 2x NAFC-FC-2xCNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac & Rainwaters Harleys Comet) owned by Mark Miles

HRCH TLC's Buckskin Rudy
HRCH at 21 months of age, MH passes  (by FC-AFC
Blackwater Rudy & TLC's Riparian Goose Chase) 
owned by Jimmy Williams & Mark Miles



Dear Traci:  About for years ago my wife surprised me with a puppy (Max/Comet). Just thought you would enjoy seeing how he turned out. Although we have not trialed him (time/new house/babies) we hunt ducks and geese on Maryland's eastern shore and pheasant/chucker when the seasons closed. Thank you so much for bringing Ruddy into our lives. 

Greg & Jennifer Blanche



TLC Hit-M-Hard Hammerdown Turk

9 months old

by AFC Pilot and 
HR Wonderlabs Ropin' the Wind

Thought I'd bother you with this since everybody else is tired of hearing about my dogs. Saturday, snow goose hunting we shot 9 geese from one flock.  Turk was not on the sneak but he was in the truck.  So out he came for 6 blind retrieves that ranged from 40 yd. to 125 yd. The first five were in water, running water and marshy.  The first three were very straight well run retrieves.  The next two were longer and a little sloppy but not bad.  Succumb to the temptation of old falls, still not bad we picked them up in short order.  We finished with 125 yd land blind in a corn field, dead straight perfect.

Our UKC/HRC season starts April 21/22 in North Platte.  I think we are ready.


Ken Newcomb - Newman Grove, Nebraska


January 4, 2001

Mark and Traci,

Just wanted to write a little note to tell you how the puppy is doing. She went to the vet yesterday and weighed in at 15 pounds. She is the picture of good health and quite a handful. You guys did a wonderful job with these dogs and I will give my highest recommendation  if I know of anyone looking for a great pup.

Thank you folks. It was a pleasure meeting with you, even though the weather conditions were not the best. I was the most popular guy at the airport that day.

Take care,
Tony and Chrys Globelnik


February 22, 2000

Thought I would drop a note on how my pup did last season.  He is a little softer than I've been used to, but a true joy to work with. He tries very hard, whether in training or hunting to please. I don't know how many ducks we got. I do remember one in particular though, it was the first one down on a double, but only winged. by the time Deek bought back the other this one had swam to the far side of the pond and into some very thick cattails. Several score acres of cattails. However as soon as I got him over to them he picked up the drake's sent. I had it in hand only moments latter. I also was lucky enough to draw a swan tag. I dropped my swan probably 150 to 200 yards out into the lake. The reeds were so thick that Deek couldn't see the swan go down, but as soon as he cleared them he could se it in the lake. He went straight to the swan and brought it straight back. When he reached the shore though he left it laying there. I wanted it brought to hand so I sent him back to get it. I was up a little and behind the reeds. He went straight the bird picked it up then laid it back down. I walked down to the shore line and sent him to pick it up again. This time I saw the problem. The bird was so big that even when he tried to back through the reeds he couldn't pull it through, so I stepped out a little father and took the bird there. I also took him when we went to Nebraska to visit my mother over Christmas and hunted pheasants. I didn't hit anything, but not for his lack of work. The gentleman who took us is still talking about how well Deek handled and worked. Any way I thought you might be interested in how one of your pups is turning out. I was thrilled this season and expect he will only get better as he gains experience.




TLC's King Ivan Delight
(by King Choc Crown & Fudge Brownie Delight)
owned by Brian and Chrystal McDonald

TLC's "TyRee"
 (by TLC's Kamikaze Crunch and HR Wonderlabs Ropin' the Wind)
owned by
Steve and Laurie Abraham


QAA (age 2) - "BECKY"



Dear Mark and Traci

Enclosed you will find a picture of "Husker Rio."  If you remember,  we bought Rio last June from you.  His parents were Top Dog and Maggie.  We wanted you to know how pleased we are with the dog.  In this picture he is 7 months old and weighs 55 pounds.  He already has gone pheasant, as well as duck and goose hunting.  He loves it and is doing a nice job for such a young pup.  He is also my best friend in the house as well as a "big lap dog".  we couldn't have asked for a better pet or "friend."  If you ever need recommendations on your dogs please call.  We would be glad to help!

Have a great holiday season.

The Hauns

TLC's Husker Rio
 (by TLC's Top Gun & TLC's Canadian Princess)


April 2, 2000

Thought I'd let you know Teal (whelped 12/99 - Get Em x Foxy) passed her first Started UKC-HRC hunt test today on her first try. Thanks for a great dog!

Troy Metheney


October 2000

My name is Curt Weisman, my dad and I bought a dog from you (named Shasta) a few years ago.  She has developed into a great hunter and is also the best mannered dog I have ever been around.  I am looking to buy a dog for my future wife.  I would like to make it a Christmas present for her.  Plus this will be a great way for me to justify buying a hunting dog.  I know that not only do your dogs make great hunters but they also make great companions.  I would prefer a yellow, but I am interested in to know about what ever you have upcoming for litters.  If the Christmas time frame doesn't work out that is O.K.  I will not go elsewhere.  I want to buy the dog from you and am willing to wait for quality. 

Kind regards,
Curt Weisman

TLC's "Shasta"

(by TLC's Top Gun and Buckskin Marigolds Sunlight)
owned by Steve Weismann

Mark and Traci

Here are the pictures I promised you of Shasta.  I think you will agree that she is a good looking 11 month old yellow lab! We have really grown to appreciate her, and unfortunately, she is a spoiled baby who has become a pretty good member of the household.  She has a calm disposition, yet a lot of spunk.  She is wary of strangers, which I feel is good.  she will bark at strangers who approach the house, but is not a barker or a howler.

She has retrieved 75 ducks from our pond in 6 days of hunting and is beginning to mark relatively well for a first year dog.  Last week-end, she retrieved 14 pheasants and got better at trailing as the two days progressed. I think she will be a good one when she matures.  Thanks for the great dog!!!

Steve Weisman



I don't know if you will remember us, but we got CJ from you just about a year ago, and now that some of the puppy is out of her we thought we would send a picture so you can see what a fine dog she turned out to be.  

Our neighbor also got a dog Shelby from you, so here is a picture of the two of them.  Hope you enjoy!

Mary Ellen & Doug Tucker

TLC's "CJ"
 (by King  Choco Crown & Shelby Nestle Quick Coaco) (chocolate)

TLC'c "Shelby" & CJ


TLC's Tally Ho
(by Hunters Marsh Go-Get-Em  MH & Hook Lakes Foxy Lady)
"First Live Retrieve" opening season fall 2000
owned by John Hatfield


February 23, 2000

Mark and Tracy

Thought I would give you a quick first year update.  We went out for a last hunt two weeks ago.  Snow on the ground and cool.  We were able to bag 16 pheasants, 5 quail and 1 P. Chicken.  Tam did fantastic.  The first retrieve of the morning was a long shot over a winter wheat field, Tam was on it immediately.  She retrieved well all day long.  I need to work on her manners somewhat, if her dad did not shoot the bird, she made sure that he got it anyway.  Can not fault the desire.  The Duck hunting was a little slow; however, she retrieved her first duck on opening weekend, through the decoys, without hesitation.

Tam has turned out to be a great all around dog.  She is great around the house, on walks and in the field.  Her desire is unstoppable and she will retrieve about anything I ask her to.  On our recent hunt, I thought she had a pheasant trapped in the snow under some grass and upon the request to "fetch it up" she brought me a possum!  Tam is attentive, willing to learn, gentle but yet aggressive to retrieve and does not know what "quit" means.

Tracy - great dog pick!!!  I have been recommending TLC to a lot of people and I know that my next dog will come from you.  I hope all is well and you are having a great 2000.

Trey Mowery


March 13, 2000

Mark & Traci,
We just wanted to tell you that the pup we got from you out of the May 19th litter has worked out really well.  She probably retrieved 35 ducks, 2 geese, and a few pheasants.  Her name is Beth and we are so pleased with her.  She seems to be indestructible.  She is great at the hunting, but lacks some common sense. That is just part of her character though.

We just thought that we would let you know that we are really pleased and we hope this finds you all well.
Thank you,
The Campbells - Scott, Bobbi, Nichole, & Wacey - Ogallala, NE


April 3, 2001

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know this dog is awesome. I have never seen a pup pick up commands so quick. He sits, stays & comes on voice & whistle. I can sit him out at 50 yds. call him to me & stop him again at 25 yds. Very impressive for a 14 week old puppy. He is very eager to retrieve & brings to hand every time.


Cory "Shoot em in the Lips" Lynch


April 16, 1999

I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know how that little yellow pup we got from you last November is doing.  Jake (TLC's Last Chance Jake) is now a little over seven months old and doing great!  We ran him in two UKC stated hunt test last week end and he passed both easily.  I don't know if you are familiar with UKC test but started is comparable to AKC Junior (two single retrieves on water and two single retrieves on land)  UKC doesn't award a title at the started level--he will have to pass three more test at the Seasoned level (requirement are almost identical to AKC Senior) to get a title.  However, Jakes line manners are not up to competing at that level -- he is fine at the line but controlling him on the way there is a little aggravating.  So we are thinking of running him in some AKC Junior tests to give him a little more experience with the excitement of guns, and all the wonderful smells (birds and decoys), and all the people.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Thanks for a wonderful dog.  Jake is incredibly birdy, has tremendous drive and great temperament, and catches onto new training  pretty quick.  One last thing, Jake marks extremely well.  At six months, he was doing doubles on land and water.  His memory is very good. I'm sure this has something to do with the amount of training we've done on marking, but I think quite  bit of it is genetic.

Being a novice at this whole dog training thing, I can only imagine how much better Jake could be with a pro trainer.  If someone wants a reference for a "Cosmo" puppy please feel free to give them our number!

Thanks again.


July 7, 1997

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how thrilled we are with Sydney.  He has made such a wonderful difference in our lives and is absolutely everything we had hoped for.  Sydney is developing beautifully.
I have enclosed some recent pictures.  he is very smart and well behaved.  We are exceptionally proud  Sydney is robust as we had hoped and has thoroughly enjoyed his trips to Austria, France, and Holland with us!  now that it's summer his favorite activity is swimming.

So, Traci, we just wanted to say Thank-you again.  Sydney has been amazing and we look forward to another 10 years of him in our family.  I hope you are well and happy!

Take Care
Elizabeth Steinhauser   & Christopher Bray

TLC's "Sydney"



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