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Mark and Traci Christensen
TLC Labradors
57088 - 832 Road
Stanton, Nebraska 68779

TLC Labradors  - Letters 
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Here are a few letters and photos from our customers who have purchased dogs from us.  We feel that they have a lot to say!  If you have purchased a TLC LABRADOR puppy, and would like to send us a photo or letter please do so, we love to receive them! 


Five-year-old Allisa Manley handles TLC's Swinging Sweet Abigail to Junior Title.
Allisa ran Abby 3 of the 4 legs to her title.  (click photos to enlarge)


Belle will be one year old on Jan 1. She is doing great. Sue and I  are very pleased with her maturity, behavior, capability, ability and retrieving skills. I have been involved in a lot of pheasant hunting  this year and she has been right along side the entire time. She has  retrieved well over 100 pheasants, some quail and a few ducks. No  major problems with her and very few minor challenges. As typical of a lab she wants to do the right thing. We are promoting your kennel in the Tulsa area and to anybody that  will listen when they ask about quality labradors.

Dick Barsness

Hello, Traci:

You will recall that you sold me a yellow female lab a little over a year ago. I had her trained locally (so that I could be trained as  well).  I can say that she is everything that I had hoped for and exactly what I wanted! She weighs about 53 pounds and is a hunting machine.  Even at this young age, she has demonstrated her strengths in the field: boundless energy and the ability to spot birds down and find them. She does not give up, and her good nose helps find the tougher birds. She responds very well to commands and has a wonderful, friendly  personality.

 I made a difficult decision to neuter her. I really wanted to  keep some of that blood, but I am not a breeder and it wouldn't make much  sense for me to get another pup right now. So, I hope I can rely on you to  keep up the good work. I will no doubt be calling you in several years  looking for another perfect lab to compliment Suzie.

 My regards,
 Jim Ham -  Los Angeles, Ca.



Mark & Traci,

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that "Logan Monster" is doing well. He is one of Charlie's pups from the 6/03 litter and was brought up here to Northern Michigan. He is already 63 lbs, whistle trained, and a great dog. He's picked up pheasant and partridge hunting very well. Attached is a picture from his first time pheasant hunting this past 1/2/04. Hopefully he'll be out retrieving duck's this fall. It is scary how smart he is.

Hope all is going well and thanks again.

Jon French

(click photo to enlarge)

Rainwaters Millennium Minime, MH

Milli is an AFC daughter (AFC Morgan's Gunstock Jet Pilot) and granddaugther to CNFC-CNAFC-FC-AFC The Marathon Man & NFC-FC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star.  She has 7 Master passes and is only 1 pass away from Qualifying for the 2004 Master National.  Milli is owned by John Hoggatt, Larry Heil. Larry Heil the breeder of the dog is photographed with Milli. (1/04)


Dear Traci and Mark,
Now that it is 10 degrees outside and hunting season is coming to an end, I am finally getting a chance to sit down at the computer and go through all the pictures we took this fall. We had a great time out in the field with Parker this year, he did excellent for his first year of pheasant hunting!! He is now 1year and 6 months old. We worked with him prior to the season using some dead birds but when the season finally opened and we got him out in the field and he flushed his first live bird, Boy! Was He Excited!!! From then on whenever he caught that scent he'd get that "Birdy" look to him and it didn't take him long at all before he was flushing more birds then we could shoot!
The first couple of times or so he'd be great at flushing the birds but he wouldn't pick them up or hold them in his mouth. He would run to where the bird landed then just stop and look at the bird and then look back at us. Then all of a sudden one day it seemed to just click and he did it perfectly, flushed the bird, retrieved it and came back to heel and held it perfect!!!
He is amazing! He is so very well behaved and learns so fast! He is definitely spoiled. I get heck for letting him on the couch and the bed, my husband says, "What kind of hunting dog is he supposed to be anyway?!" (But I know he likes having him to snuggle with too by the big smile on his face as he laughs every time Parker lays a big wet one on his cheek!)
Parker has brought so much joy to our lives since he came. He is definitely loved more than he will ever know!!
I've attached some pictures from this year's pheasant season. It was a slow year for grouse here and we only got out a couple of times. Deer season is pretty slow this year as well. Jason can't wait for next fall to get here so he and Parker can get out pheasant hunting again!!!

Take care and Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!
Allison and Jason Briggaman





This is a picture of Buck (TLC's Larsen's 00 Buckshot).   These are some of the geese he retrieved opening day of the 2003 early goose season in SD.   Last year when he was just a pup he retrieved doves, ducks, and was responsible for 30-40 roooster pheasants.

Jerry Larsen



Mark and Traci,

We just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how wonderful our dog is.  She is six years old now and I'm sorry we haven't written before.  I always think about doing it, but never have. As you can see, she is about the most beautiful dog we have ever seen.  When we'd be out walking, people would offer money to buy her from us and/or pay us to  use her for breeding purposes. 

She is from Cosmo and Golden Yellow Oaks (I think that's the mom).  We bought her  because of her excellent blood line, and thought we would use her to hunt.  Maddy does go out occasionally, and though she's never had formal training, you can tell that the hunting instinct is very natural for her.  She is unbelievably smart!  Needless to say I fell in love with her and would not let her leave my side.  So instead of a field champion, she is our champion at home.  After 3 years of being with us, we had our daughter, Alexa, who was born 2 months premature.  Madison was so wonderful with our daughter and helped out in ways you could not imagine - especially when we had to do physical therapy. She is Alexa's best playmate and has taken all the abuse toddlers give out without even a sigh.  We have enjoyed her tremendously and would never dream of buying a lab anywhere else.  Thank you for such a fabulous dog.

Darrell, Jennifer and Alexa Callahan


Puppy by Cosmo and Herbie

August 29, 2002

Just wanted to let you know that Mac got his Junior Hunter title this past weekend, the day after his first birthday. I have been thrilled with him. We are working on steadiness, doubles, and just started handling drills. He picks up everything very quickly. He is a bundle of retrieving desire. Thanks for a great dog.

Lisa Zell



Dozer is a million bucks. I cannot tell you how wonderful he has turned  out. He probably did 400 retrieves for me out in South Dakota and about 200 geese here in Michigan. We have a 3 y.o. little boy whose job it is to feed "ozer" his food. Dozer is so gentle to him,  it's amazing.

Frank E West - Big Rapids, Michigan






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