Hoskins is located in the southwest part of Wayne County, Nebraska. Originally named Springbranch for the creek that flows through town, it was renamed Hoskins after Clarissa Hoskins, an employee of the Peavy Elevator Company as well as a civil engineer for the railroad. Clarissa Hoskins had been the one who laid out the town.

During the period from 1869-1872, a group of pioneers settled in what is now Hoskins. Of German descent, they came from Wisconsin and Germany to establish homes in the new region. Frank Puls was believed to be the first settler in the area. They were impressed with the fertility of the land near Springbranch Creek and chose the location for their homes.

Game was plentiful on the early prairie. Hunting was one of the few pastimes of the pioneers. Deer were the most abundant when the settlers arrived, but the settlers also hunted wild prairie chickens, ducks and other small game and fowl.

The luxuries of furniture, clothing and food were hard to come by. Pioneers traveled to Wisner, Nebraska for provisions, a two day journey. Fuel was scarce, but there was plenty of hay, which was used instead.

The weather was unpredictable. Droughts were often experienced for the section had little rainfall. Winters could be severe. Pioneers experienced 20 foot drifts in the winter of 1880-1881. The blizzard of 1888 was the worst; The day started out to be very pleasant, but suddenly, the weather changed, the wind blew in bring fine snow and intense cold.


Hoskins is located in Wayne County, Nebraska. It is bounded on the north by Cedar and Dixon counties, on the east by Dixon and Thurston counties, on the south by Cuming and Stanton counties and on the west by Pierce county. All these counties are located in the the northeast part of Nebraska.


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