Exterior of the Hoskins Community Center

Hoskins Community Center

When the school was demolished in 1997, it became apparent that some type
of community building was needed in Hoskins. After a number of meetings with community members, it was decided to build a new community center.

A decision was made to locate the new building at the corner of First and Main. Bill and Miriam Willers donated the land and the construction began in 1998. Under the supervision of Bill Borgmann, assisted by Larry Bruggeman, it was completed in 1999. Many hours of hands working together made this fine facility what it is today.

Interested in hosting your next family reunion, birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary in an intimate and warm atmosphere To learn more about renting our Hoskins Community Center contact us at 565-4479.

Interior of the Hoskins Community CenterFront of the Hoskins Community Center

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Village of Hoskins
101 South Main Street
P.O. Box 44
Hoskins, NE 68740
Phone: 402.565.4479
email: hoskins@ptcnet.net